GKM Green Markets & Solutions,Inc - Nobody knows Renewable Energy like we do
GKM Green Markets & Solutions, Inc has included this link so you can understand exactly what we are proposing to accomplish with our products. We believe that seeing it with your own eyes you'll get a better understanding and appreciation of what can be done and what is being done. If you start with your own utility bill and follow the instructions you will see what we do every month to our environment in terms of carbon foot printing. GKM Green Markets &Solution, Inc offers the capability to remove the negative contributions and allow you positive input from your home. We'll give you a number that you can play with, the average three to four bedroom home consumes 1,400kWh monthly. But if the numbers you have are more or less please uses them. So that you’ll see what needs to be done. When you use our  applications and products you change the C02 levels to (0) and it is at that point we will begin to reclaim our environment.